Jag och Fredrik gör musik. Det låter såhär ibland, men oftast inte.


  1. Latesha skriver:

    I thought you were gonna write about Dad’s lame comment on the creation of Admag"Michaelan.elo made a mistake in the painting – guess what it was?""If he’s the first man on earth, he shouldn’t have a belly-button."LOL.

  2. Se um de vocês que agride o Ministério Público, tivesse uma mulher da família estuprada, não escreveria essas asneiras. Não interessa se politico, bandidos, etc. estejam soltos. Interessa que uma mulher estuprada……………….deixa pra lá. Acho que vocês não entenderiam.

  3. Oh Malin, your jewerly is beautiful and you should go after your dream and make it happen. You wrote about your assistants here and there in your posts. Maybe they could help you organize your shipping issues? And maybe you could put a note about having trouble with shipment due to health issues now and then in your shop-statement? I’m sure people would understand.


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